The Crucified Planet op.42 (2011) 85'

Oratorio for 4 Voices, Narrator, Choir and Orchestra

I   Storm / Stabat mater dolorosa

II  And Crickets sing all night

III Dance of the antediluvian kings

IV Pro peccatis / Panthea (Oscar Wilde)

IV b Breaking News 1

V  Batter my heart (Trinity - Robert Oppenheimer and "The Gadget")

    (John Donne from the "Holy Sonnets" XIV and "Bhagavad Gita" XI - 12 and 32)

VI Our town (Lyubow Sirota to her town Pripyat - 26.4.1986)

VII Quis est homo / But no Ferry-Man (Oscar Wilde)

VII b Breaking News 2

VIII Canticum fratis solis (Francisco von Assisi)

IX  Storm on the horizon - Breaking News (Laudate si, mi signore)

X   No man is an island (John Donne)

XI  The Crucified Planet / The City in the Sea (Kurt Vonnegut, Edgar Allen Poe)

Soli: Sopran, Alt, Tenor, Bass

Choir: S/A/T/B + Children Choir ad lib.

2.(2.auch Picc.)2.2.(2.auch Bklar.)2.(2.auch Kfg) - Timp/SD/cymb/tam-tam/Chimes/gr.Trommel/Tom-toms/Ei-Shaker/Hrp/E-Guitar (optional auch Sitar in Nr.VII)/Theremin - Streicher